HOW DOES IT WORKOrange-question-mark-3D-glossy

->  Scour your closets and garage for outdoor gear, clothing (non-cotton) and accessories you no longer want.
->  Make sure it’s tidy, smoke-free, fully-functioning, has all its parts and doesn’t emit any foul odors.
->  We will look over your items and determine what we can sell.
->  We will price your items based on market price, condition, demand and your input.
->  You fill out the paperwork.
->  We put your item out for sale.
->  When it sells, you get paid or you get store credit to buy more stuff.
We will accept consignment items at anytime during our regular business hours, but please arrive no later than 1 hour before closing.  If you have more than 5 items to consign, please call ahead to make an appointment.


HOW DO YOU GET PAIDOrange-question-mark-3D-glossy

Once your item is sold, your consignor account is credited.  Our goal is to mail commission checks by the 11th of each month for the previous month’s sales.


HOW CAN YOU USE STORE CREDITOrange-question-mark-3D-glossy

If you prefer to use your commission as store credit, please call ahead or check with us when you arrive in the store so we can review your account and determine your credit amount.


HOW LONG ARE ITEMS CONSIGNEDOrange-question-mark-3D-glossy

Our consignment period is 90 days.  If after 90 days an item has not sold, it will be available for pick-up by the consignor.  If the item is not picked up within 2 weeks after the 90 day window, it becomes the property of B.R.O.E. to be clearanced or donated to a charity of our choice.  You may call and check on your items at any time.  We will send one email letting you know that your items are ready for pick-up and it is your responsibility to retrieve them within the 2 week window.


CONSIGNMENT RATESOrange-question-mark-3D-glossy

Our consignment rate is 60% – YOU get the 60%, we keep 40%.  We reserve the right to discount items 10% after 30 days and another 10% every 30 days thereafter until it is sold or the consignment period runs out (maximum of 3 discounts) .  Your commission is based on the final selling price.
WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE!  We appreciate the trust you place in us to sell your items.  Once we have agreed on a sale price, that price is non-negotiable.



  • Consignor may not change pricing after item has been put on the floor.
  • B.R.O.E will not contact consignor when an individual item sells.
  • B.R.O.E is not responsible for damages incurred while an item is on consignment.